Dan Myers - Durham County Councillor

Serving and representing the people of Seaham and County Durham

Seaham’s   Daily Drinking water

On Friday 13th Nov 09 The Coal Authority [in conjunction with Local Authorities, the Environment Agency and other stakeholders]  officially opened the Dawdon Minewater Treatment Works to prevent rising mine water contaminating the Permian Aquifier which provides the North East with 20% of our daily drinking water.

The £6.7m scheme will also protect our Durham Heritage coastline.


The scheme involves pumping contaminated water up from the Dawdon Colliery shaft,  it s treated within a building so as to mitigate the impact on our heritage coast [ ie  rather than using highly visible settling reed beds ]

The clear “treated water” is then released down a pipeline into the sea.

The main contaminant removed is iron pyrite which on reacting with oxygen produces ferric hydroxide [ ochre] with its noticeable orange staining colour.

Just below Foxcover roundabout / Pipelines under and across the road

Durham County Council has  to save in excess of £125 million over the next four years of our Medium Term Financial Plan in order to achieve financial balance as the Govt slashes our money.

This will have a serious effect on many of your public services.  

  -  1600 staff will be lost.          [ The Bankers have an awful lot to answer for ].


All Departments are affected by the Government cuts and the serious consequences for the public will be announced shortly.  The Coalition Government has already stopped the vital rebuilding of our Seaham Northlea School.


AND the real culprits, the bankers, are still getting their bonuses.


I am so pleased we pushed on immediately with the regeneration of Seaham  after the savage mine closures and before the Bankers wrecked the economy.    



Coalition Government Cuts

Durham County Council  -    Seaham  Office.  -  at Spectrum Park  

Our new office accommodation  -   Staff to be transferred from the old Easington Office [Seaside Lane] which will be scheduled for closure.


Located just off the roundabout on the A182 ie the road which leads from Asda to Dalton Park [ The George Elmy Lifeboat Way ]

At the roundabout that has the link to Dawdon and the Seaham Port Entrance.

Also new Durham County Council  offices in Town Centre next to Church Street

[ includes the new Library ]            See St John’s Progress Page.

New  0ffice  -  Spectrum

back at Seaham

from Easington  for

Durham County Council


View of Lighthouse from Spectrum Office.

No fishing from the pier on this occasion.

Seaham Contact Centre

Durham County Council


a further piece of the St John’s Sq. jigsaw.


Includes the new bigger library and

Registrar’s Office.

Social Services

East Durham Homes etc.

Latest local buzz

The new Recycling and Rubbish Collection Service is starting soon.


In the East of the County  ie   the old Durham District and the former District of Easington   [Seaham]

Deliveries of the new recycling bin will start April / May  2012.

Collection Service will change  mid June 2012.


We will then have

New grey recycling bin with blue lid

Our old rubbish bin

Our old box.

No green bag The bag you can then have for your own use or recycle.

One week will be recycling / next week rubbish

Recycling bin and box glass contents go in on one side of new bin motor

Rubbish bin in on the other side of the vehicle and then on to landfill.

Government landfill tax is rising by about  £1m per year, hence recycling will save you money.  Plus we are running out of holes in the ground.


Collection days may change but will still be Tues  -  Fri  ie No Bank Hols

You will receive a sticker and a calendar with your new bin


Note: the sticker on the bin picture above will NOT be on the actual bin.

The reason for this is that if market conditions change and recycle firms no longer want certain items then we do not have to “change each Bin”

a leaflet to inform the public will do.

You can start using the new blue lidded grey bin as soon as you get it


Garden waste residents will receive a calendar before the service starts in the Spring.  Note : Days may not match up with Recyling/rubbish days.


Seaham’s  Regeneration Latest


1st Electric Car Fuel Point

Situated at the very popular

Seaham Terrace Green Car Park

on the Seafront.

Opposite the “Black Truffle” and

Bath Terrace.


The North East is leading the UK in the development of electric vehicles and has an international reputation in this field.  eg Nissan/Sevcon/Smiths/Avid/Liberty.

Users pay no road tax and fuel costs are 75% less than diesel.


Contact      www.chargeyourcar.org.uk

Seaham Contact Centre


The Chairman of DCC.

Councillor Denis Morgan

performs the opening ceremony

at Seaham Contact Centre

along with Seaham Mayor

Councillor Barbara Ramshaw


County Councillor Dan Myers

Chair of Seaham Regeneration Gp.